Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leap Day

I kept hearing people refer to Leap Day as an extra day. I understand the concept, but if it's not a day off work, it's not an extra day to me. So my Wednesday was just another day.

A day to load up in the wagon after getting home from work.

A day to swing.

A day to cheese for the camera!

A day to tuck a squeaky clean little boy into bed to be ready for his one year doctor appointment today.

So today may not have been an "extra" day, but it was a very good day, indeed.


  1. He is precious! Thatcher isn't a fan of the swing so much!

  2. Thanks! He is proud of those little bottom teeth, I think!

  3. I just stumbled across your blog and I have to say this post was the sweetest
    one I have ever seen. As a mom of a 19 yr old I can remember like it was yesterday how wonderful those very simple moments are. I can still remember that feeling of happy clean girl just out of the tub waiting for a story. Enjoy every minute!


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