Sunday, March 17, 2013

First Days Home

Currently I'm the only one in my house not napping, so it felt like a great time to update the blog and find my little guy some Easter clothes. I probably have twenty minutes to perform both tasks if I'm lucky, so we'll see how this goes.

Watching her sleep so peacefully is so opposite to how her first week went for the rest of us. Within two days of being home from the hospital, we had a terrible, violent, AWFUL stomach virus rip through our house. Thankfully, my mother and Annabelle were spared. But sadly, my sweet Jack was not. It was his first bug, and him not understanding what was happening was so pitiful. The day after he got it, I came down with it. Not to be overly dramatic, but I thought I was going to die, so then I was even more sad that my little guy had to go through it. Mr. G was hit last, a few hours after me. It was a total plague on our house.

By Wednesday afternoon, I felt like a new woman. Somehow living through that 4 days postpartum made me feel a little bit invincible which was good, because I was bound and determined that Jack would make it back into his routine at MDO the next day, which would also be my first day parenting two kids on my own. Somehow we managed to get there, everyone clean, lunch packed, and only 20 minutes late. While he was there, Annabelle and I came home and napped the entire time.

My mom came back for a few days this past week, and we spent the time enjoying my babies since we didn't get to do that during week 1. We played a little dress-up with the little lady and grabbed some pictures of my sweet kiddos together. Jack even held his sister for the first time! But I'll need another 20 minute break to go chase down my camera and get those pics up here.

I'm working hard at helping Annabelle establish her days from her nights. The past few nights she's only needed a bottle at 2 and 5:30-6 so that has been wonderful but getting her to go back to sleep after she wakes up then has been my challenge. I've pulled out my Baby Whisperer book again, so we'll see what she says!

We're doing really well, but working through the normal things that happen when a new baby enters the household. Our normal is completely different, our schedules are thrown off, and I probably need to wake up at least an hour earlier than usual to make it anywhere in the mornings if I want to really get ready. And I had forgotten how much is required to pack up a newborn to go anywhere.

It's a re-learning process, but we'll get there!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Our Annabelle is here!

Scroll down if you're just here for pics!

I was going to start at my 39 week update, but it was going to be long so here's a summary: a hugely disappointing false alarm on Friday the 22nd, continued labor signs throughout the week, celebrating Jack's birthday (which will definitely get its own post!), and major pregnancy discomfort and continued non-bloggable pregnancy issues that no one wants to hear about.

So let's just start with me saying that at my 38 week doctor appointment, my doctor scheduled my induction date for February 28th. Jack came over a week early and was over 8 lbs, so there was concern that the little lady might be pretty large herself. I went in on Wednesday, February 27th for a sono and exam. Little sister measured an estimated 8 lbs 14 oz, an estimate which is usually higher than the actual birth weight. My doctor was mostly concerned that her shoulders might get stuck on the way out, so she mentioned she'd be watching for that.

That evening we met my parents halfway to deliver the big brother to them since we'd be heading in to the hospital by 7:30 the next morning. I was teary on the way home, mostly because I am always teary when we leave Jack, but this time it was knowing how much his little world was going to change in 24 hours. A wonderful change, of course, but he is little and doesn't really understand that now, you know?

Wednesday dawned cold, and I rose around 5, showered, put on full makeup, and did my hair because that is just me. We ran through the Whataburger drive thru for a taquito and a diet coke on the drive over to Dallas. (That's where I delivered since my doctor is there. And my doctor is there because I work over there, so it's convenient.) We checked into L&D at 7:30 on the nose and were escorted to Room #1 where I would spend a very long day. I was already having mild contractions regularly at 4 minutes apart when I arrived.

By 9:00 am, my sweet nurse Susie had the pitocin dripping. Dr. C came by to check on me not long after and reminded me that she'd be breaking my water around lunch and knowing my slightly low pain tolerance might want to call for an epidural before then. By 10:30 am, the contractions were significant enough that I was ready for pain management, and they had me comfortable by 10:45. Dr. C came back around 1:30 pm to break my water, and I was about at a 6, which I would remain at until 10 PM later that night.

That's right. I did not progress at all from 1:30 to 10 PM.

From 1:30 on, they upped my pitocin and tried everything else under the sun to get Annabelle to drop. My contractions were absolutely irregular. It ultimately was decided that Annabelle's position was the cause of my body responding completely the opposite to everything attempted. I spent the time wondering if anyone had ever actually stayed pregnant forever and praying that the Lord would not let it be me. (I also prayed for Annabelle's health too, in case you're thinking I'm a bad mom.)

Around 6 PM, Dr. C turned Annabelle, and they propped me to keep her turned. Well, sister did not care about being propped and turned back to the right. By 10 PM, Dr. C came back in and turned her AGAIN while cautioning me that we might be heading for a c-section. All I could think of was how would I take care of a newborn and a toddler after a c-section? And also? Thank you God for an epidural.

So I decided to lie back and try and grab some rest. It had been such a long day by this point, being turned one way, then another, and even with an epidural, I still felt pressure from contractions even though it didn't hurt so much. I was tired.

Around 10:30 PM, Dr. C and my new wonderful nurse Jenni came in the door saying they were seeing something on the monitor that was interesting them, and they couldn't wait any longer to check it out. They looked a little giddy, and I had "thought" I felt some pressure but had not wanted to get my hopes up. Turns out, Annabelle was ready! After three practice pushes, Mr. G ran to tell our parents that I was about to start pushing. While he was out of the room, I had a contraction and got really wide eyed when Dr. C said, "Be VERRRRY still. Don't move." It really was happening so fast!

Mr. G came back in the room, and two contractions and 6 pushes later, we finally saw our sweet, beautiful daughter Annabelle. It was a most incredible moment that only tears can accurately describe. She's our dream girl, and we are loving every minute with her!

Annabelle Katherine weighed 8 lbs 3 oz, and was 20 inches.

One of the very few times she has cried in her first week of life. She is super content!

Meeting big brother. He's still not too sure about her, although he's definitely coming around quickly and is a great helper.

I have one of these with actual lipstick on, but this is a better one of her face.

That's totally mother's love there.
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