Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Remember that first time I took my toddler to the ER?

Yeah, that happened too.

Shortly after a bath and pajamas on Sunday night, the little guy was playing on the piano (totally supervised) and in and instant, fell backward off of the piano bench and knocked the back of his head on a coffee table behind him.

Within seconds we spotted him bleeding from the back of the head. Head wounds produce lots of bleeding, minor or otherwise, but I knew immediately that we'd need someone with more medical experience than we have combined (that would be none) to take a look at him. I called our neighbors who are both wonderful nurses, and Mr. Matt came right over to check the little guy out. He gave us the bad news: while it wasn't a long cut, it was deep. We would need to get him patched up in the ER.

After calling a close by friend to come and keep the ladybug, we loaded up Jack and mapped out the location of Cook Children's Emergency Room. Unfortunately, when we checked in, they told me the wait was as bad as Christmas Day. We got there around 9 PM and waited around 45 minutes before we were called back and given the prescribed treatment: STAPLES.

Holy moly.

Even with the amount of craziness they were experiencing there, everyone was so, so great with us and our boy. They numbed the wound with lidocaine gel and after letting it work its magic over 30 minutes, the doc came in and stapled it up. The child didn't even flinch. Afterward, the nurse brought him a rainbow popsicle, and we were home by 11 PM.

So yesterday we took it easy most of the day. He only mentioned it once and hasn't complained even once of pain, even though there are clearly 4 staples in the back middle of his head. What a champ! I'm curious to see what happens when we have to go back and have them removed. I don't really want to think about it.

Convalescing with sister.

It was a reminder to me that anything can happen in an instant. The Fort Worth community is blessed to have such a great facility as Cooks catering to our children.

So tell me, has your toddler made an ER visit yet?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Remember that time I quit my day job?

Yeah, that happened last week.

As of this coming Friday, I will officially only have one full time job, and that in management. I require mandatory naps of the Employees in my firm, yet they mutiny at each nap time. Who does that? And yet, I would never fire them.

After 11 years in IT at a Company that I really love and will miss, I'm done with the two hour commute, at least for a few years. It has been a bittersweet decision, but I love my babies and am excited to spend more time with them. I was 20 when I went to Southwest Airlines as an intern, and 21 when I started as an Employee. I've basically grown up there. Through all the changes in my life over the past 11 years: marriage, buying our first house, having our first child, SWA has been a constant in my life. I always went back to my cube, my computer, my work, and my Customers. This is a huge change for me.

Of course I can't sit still for very long. I'm already filling up my new life of leisure (ha) with fun things for my kids and activities for myself. Today brings the launch date of the Fort Worth Moms Blog, and I'm one of their first contributors!

I have the privilege of posting on the inaugural day of the blog, so head on over there to read about the calendar the Moms Blog has cultivated with so many awesome, many free events in our fair city. There are giveaways each day of this launch week, so make sure to enter!

I'm also pondering what my new mom wardrobe should consist of. Everywhere I go, someone tells asks me if I'm heading in to work because I'm "so dressed up." I've dropped a small fortune at Lululemon, but somehow wearing yoga (or I should say, "no-ga" since they've never seen the inside of a yoga studio) pants feels weird.

Monday, May 13, 2013

My 3rd Mother's Day

I've spent the better part of an hour looking at this picture. Wondering what was going through Annabelle's mind while her daddy clicked and clicked, trying to get the one thing I wanted for Mother's Day--a picture to document that it happened in 2013. I know what was going through Jack's mind: "Let me down!"

But I've spent most of that time thinking how I can't and know I won't ever get over the fact that God has blessed me with these two precious little ones.

It was Annabelle's baby dedication day where her daddy and I dedicated ourselves to raising her in the knowledge of the Lord. One of my favorite things about baby dedication at our particular church is that our Pastor writes each child a letter to be opened on the day that they accept Christ. I pray so much that my babies come to know the Lord at an early age.

During the dedication time, our Pastor goes down the line of families (there were 5 this day) and prays for each baby by name. As soon as he said "Annabelle," our girl gave a little chirp! I don't know if she realized her name was called or not, but I choose to believe that she did. Either way it was adorable. She is such a sweet, sweet girl. I don't know if you can tell in that picture above, but right now she has beautiful red hair and blue eyes.

Since it was such a special day for our little family, both sets of our parents were here. I made reservations at my favorite local tea room, the Rose Garden in the Fort Worth Mercantile. That's what I wanted for Mother's day lunch, so everyone went along for the ride. No complaints though, even from the gentlemen.

Sunday evening, Mr. G dug out the soon-to-be-wilting pansies (although they were still beautiful today) and planted begonias in their place to ready our flower bed for summer. He brought in a geranium yesterday he had found Lowe's, knowing that I always love to have one on the front porch. My mom has always kept several potted on her porch, so it reminds me of home. He was sweet to remember it. (It's also the one plant that I'm pretty decent at keeping alive.)

I had a great mother's day weekend and hope you all did too!
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