Sunday, June 12, 2011

THREE Months Old

I've gone back to work, which is why there are crickets chirping around here. I am B-U-S-Y and heading into the office at a crazy, dark-thirty-type hour of the morning so I can be home to pick up the J-Bird in the evening and still have every other Friday with him. It is so worth it.

My sweet kiddo is (a little over) 3 months now. He is THE BEST. Seriously, just the best. We're having so much fun. He is laughing tons, smiling tons, and just all around super sweet. He only fusses a little when momma isn't so quick on having the bottle ready, so usually not much (I am johnny on the spot.)

So obviously the biggest change in J's life is that I'm not home with him during the day. We had a few nights where he started waking up again, but he's found his rhythm and is sleeping all night long. His care while I am at work is the perfect situation if I'm not at home with him. We are incredibly blessed that I can go back to work with confidence that he's well taken care of.

Other things this month: still in size 2 diapers (by month 4 he'll be in 3's), shakes his rattle, and enjoys tummy time for about 2 minutes.
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