Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cold Days in North Texas

We've been a little stir-crazy with the up and down weather we're having here in North Texas lately. Last week it iced at the beginning of the week, thawed out, then snowed on Friday. By Saturday, that was ice too. We took advantage of the beautiful powder snow to get out and play a little after Friday naps.

It was so cold!

We have a great hill in our neighborhood, and people come out in droves during weather like this for sledding. So, we thought we'd join the fun. The kids were terrified when I tried to send them down the hill to where their dad was waiting to catch them. I mean, serious #momfail on that one. They cried, begging me to carry them (physically, in my arms) all the way home. Nevermind that I was pulling them in our red wagon. We were quite a sight. Next time we'll make sure they understand a little better before we start pushing them down a hill on a box lid.

Since we only see this kind of weather a few times a year, I don't really have the best clothes/equipment for them to be out in the weather. I've not been able to find good gloves for their tiny hands, and I think that would've made all the difference for them to enjoy playing in it. Or maybe they are just summer kids, like me.
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