Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What to Wear Where: Pregnant Traveller

I have spent my fair share of time in airplanes and moreso, in airports, over the last decade, so I really liked this week's challenge. One of the best pieces of advice for air travel is to keep it simple.

Usually TSA makes me take off my scarf, jacket, and shoes at the checkpoint. In an effort to not feel like I'm undressing in public, I go ahead and store those first two items in my tote ahead of time. Ballet flats make for easy last minute shucking.

My faithful travelling companion will always be one of those "everything's $10" faux pashminas that are found in airports everywhere. It's large enough to double as both an accessory, as well as a blanket or pillow, which is great since most airlines have gotten rid of those items onboard.

I can't get enough of leggings this fall, though I've never really cared much for them before. I found this tunic at Old Navy over the weekend and loved how comfy it looked. I think it would equally perfect in a cabin at cruising altitude and a cabin in the woods. Really, this outfit is like travel-appropriate pajamas. That's a win.

Happy Jetsetting!

Fall Jetsetting

The Proof is in the Pin {link up}

My internet friend Sarah at Life Sweet Life blog is hosting a link up today on Pinterest creations!

Our church is hosting a ladies' ministry craft day at the beginning of November. The idea is to invite our friends and neighbors out for a day of Pinterest crafts and sharing Christ with ladies outside our normal circles. I'm hosting one of many tables and was charged to come up with something fun to make.

As such, I perused Pinterest quite a bit "for the Lord," of course.

I like simplistic shabby chic-type crafts for the most part, and honestly I don't have the patience or time for things that take a long time. The crafts I came up with were so easy that I thought we'd make two at my table.

This first one is so easy that I thought we'd do a make one, take one. Each lady will make one for her own home and a second to give as a gift.

Original source: Life as a Thrifter

{I can't decide if I like this there, but for now, that is where it lives.}
18 inch quilting hoop with stretched burlap, stenciled. And I love it.

And for our second craft of the day, each lady will make one rustic banner with her choice of holiday phrase. I'll have give thanks, peace on earth, o holy night, and a few others from which to choose. I don't have a pin for this--I just like making banners for my mantle.

I made these up early so photos could be made for the sign-tables.
I'm excited--I love spending my Saturday socializing with a hot glue gun!

Monday, October 8, 2012

And the newest Gentry is...

a sweet little healthy Miss Gentry! Her name is...

Annabelle Katherine

And so far her wardrobe looks a little like this:

There's some Feltman Brothers, Kissy Kissy, Zutano, Janie and Jack, pink bows in different sizes, some with clips, some with headbands, a little bit of Aggie, and an adorable pair of lace trimmed socks to top it off. I'm going to need to clear some space in Annabelle's closet that has heretofore been my annex. And soon.

Without question, we are excited about our littlest blessing and can't wait to see her sweet face. We are praising God for her (and my) good health. The sonographer noted that she posed for every picture that was taken of her.

Oh my!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Celebrating Milestones

Last night I cooked one of Mr. G's favorite meals (nothing gourmet--just chicken spaghetti) and served it in my special casserole dish. It's a red heart-shaped Le Creuset dish that was given to us as a wedding gift lo, these seven years ago.

The reason for the celebration is that today we will hopefully find out whether Jack will have a brother or sister. My prayer is for a healthy baby. I understand now more than I ever could two years ago that--boy or girl--this child will bring immeasurable joy into our lives. I can't wait for a peek at that sweet face.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What to Wear Where: Fall Fun

My fall fashion is having a bit of a mustard moment, seeing as I've already bought one sweater in that colorway and have my eye on at least one scarf. This week's challenge was putting together an outfit that I would wear to take Jack to the local pumpkin patch!

{I will not discuss here how I thought pumpkin patches were dumb until I had a child. I cannot wait to take him this year, as I know he will love it.}

I mentioned last time I linked up that I try to keep from purchasing maternity wear, but for something like a basic chambray shirt, I have to bend a bit. I get so much wear out of my regular one that I know this will be a solidly spent $18 at Old Navy. I'm not a big fan of the drawstring front, but with a little string tucking and a belt, I won't even know it's there.

In Texas where it will be hot until January, short sleeves are perfect for someone who continues to experience her own personal summer thanks to the little person growing with me. And, let's face it, chasing a toddler doesn't exactly lend itself to casual strolling.

Pumpkin Patch Perusing

What to Wear When is a Tuesday link up sponsored by Melissa at I Pick Pretty and Amy at Forever 29 Blog. Check out their blogs for more fall fashion inspiration.
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