Thursday, January 26, 2012

Large (or EXTRA LARGE) Family Portraits

I've had home decor on my mind lately. (Hence, put a bird on it.) We've been in our home for 5 years this summer, and I still have some blank walls. And I'm completely okay with that. I'm not one to put something that doesn't quite belong just to take up space. I'd rather it be blank until I find the right inspiration, and I love the layered look our house has as it takes shape over time.

When the lovely Hailey asked me what I wanted for our photos back in the fall, besides a nice Christmas card pic, I told her I wanted something I could hang in my living room in a giant gaudy gold frame. (I prefer a good gaudy gold frame over a canvas, which I think is the en vogue thing right now.)

After receiving our photos, one shot stood out to me, and of course it was primarily of our tiny boy. I know that many people have used the pose, but I loved the entire composition of the shot: the ethereal look of the golden field in the background, the details of our rings and my arm party, the little look on our tiny guy's face, and those beautiful baby blues of his.

That little boy is the Creator's most beautiful art, to me.

In a bit of a "go big or go home" moment, I decided I would order an extra large print. And when I say extra large, I mean extra large. The photo alone is 24x36, and I think the frame adds an extra 6 inches. BIG. The more I got to thinking about it though, the more it made sense. I also found a photographer's blog post (which I can't find now) that validated what I was thinking. Back in the Mr. Darcy days, people commissioned beautiful, large portraits of their families. Why should I spend money on random art work when I can fill my walls with beautiful, large portraits of my greatest treasures on earth? The most beautiful art that God has created on earth, in my opinion. We thank Him daily for that sweet face.

I had a "what was I thinking" moment when this HUGE package arrived.
And that's unframed!

I love it. It may be a little bold, but somehow it makes our house feel a little more like home.

This angle is a bit deceiving. We joke that it is life-size of Jack.


  1. I love the framed pictures better, too! The canvases look incomplete to me. Great pic!

    1. Thanks, Mary! I feel the same way. It's like something is missing!

  2. This is so funny. We did the EXACT SAME THING with an engagement picture of us. We used it at the wedding and then when we got home, we couldn't' find a place for it. ha! HOWEVER, I AM ALL ABOUT HUGE FAMILY PICTURES. My home will have TONS of them :) Eventually.

    1. HA! Did you ever see the life-size bridal portrait I have hanging over my piano? Same situation!

  3. By the way, your son is THE CUTEST!!!! That picture is just perfect. Who cares how many people have that pose. No one has your son in that pose. Makes all the difference.

  4. Emily! I love this photo. And, totally love that it's huge. Jack is such a cutie. I'd love to meet him one of these days....and catch up with you too. Hope yall are doing good. Miss you!


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