Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Favorites: Amazing Cleaning Products

Since it's not all sunshine and Kate Spade bangles around here, I thought I'd share my favorite cleaning products. I think I've mentioned before that I do my own home-ec stunts, short of taking out the trash and the floors. (My love does that, and I'm grateful.) Here are two products that I won't go without:

Comet Bathroom Cleaner. If you have glass shower doors, you should make friends with Comet Bathroom Cleaner. No more scrubbing the glass! You simply spray it on, then wipe it off. The soap/hardwater residue wipes right off. It works better than the Magic Eraser, and you can quote me on that. I know this because I spent a year trying everything under the sun to keep that door clean after we moved in.

Bar Keepers Friend. I do not keep a bar because we don't drink anything stronger than Dr. Pepper. But I do keep this cleaner because it works amazing wonders to clean up my stainless cookware and my stainless sink. Seriously, the bottom of your pans can look like they are stained forever, and a couple of wax on/wax off motions with BKF makes them brand new. I used to use Comet powder, but this just works better. It also smells terrible, so there is a trade-off there. (Note: I like the smell of Comet powder. It reminds me of my childhood. Maybe that is weird, but my mom kept a clean house.)

I was not compensated to review these products. They were just on my mind as I scrubbed away Thursday night after putting the baby to bed.

Go forth into the weekend with a sparkling home!


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