Thursday, January 19, 2012

Although, beauty is more than skin deep...

I'm a gadget girl. One of my favorite personal gadgets is my Sonicare toothbrush. I wish I could tell you that I'm kidding, but that toothbrush has traveled all over the USA with me. I do not leave home without it. (Well, except for that one time I rushed off to the hospital to deliver my baby and ended up with a terrible excuse for a toothbrush that the hospital probably charged me $20 for, but I digress. Next time I will be better prepared.)

So the Clarisonic was invented by the same guy who created my {beloved} Sonicare. It uses sonic technology to gently massage your skin to remove all of the dirt and other junk left by traditional skincare products. (Real details here. I'm paraphrasing what I can remember.)

Until I had Jack, I was using a traditional 3-step skin care regimen. After having him, I felt like I need more of an exfoliant--daily. Having a baby changed more than I anticipated, that's for sure. When I came across the Clarisonic, I was mostly worried that it would be too abrasive. I follow the lovely Eva Chen on Twitter, who is a flawless-faced beauty editor at Teen Vogue. One day I tuned in to her telling Kathie Lee and Hoda (no judgies! I watched a lot of Today on maternity leave) that she uses it twice daily, at which point I was sold.

My results from the Clarisonic have been noticeably smoother skin, and I daresay that my pores appear smaller. My makeup goes on smoother, and when I have my face completely on, it looks dewy and fresh, to me. One step closer to Lady Mary skin.

Anyway, it's not a cheap little apparatus, so I did a lot of research before I moved on mine. The brush is soft enough that you can use it twice a day without rubbing your cheeks raw. And I have to admit, it kinda makes washing my face fun.

{I wasn't paid to review this. I received my Clarisonic as a gift from my husband. Sorry if you think it's weird, but I asked him for it.}

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  1. For Lady Mary skin I'll think about investing in one of these; I've heard nothing but raves, but I've been hesitant to strike because of the price tag.

    Love the pretty new blog design, BTW - very chic!


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