Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Favorites: Little Luxuries

So Monday I treated myself to a bit of retail therapy. Nothing expensive, just one teensy little something to brighten my day. A girl can do that every now and then, especially if she has Christmas money. Behold, my options:

Little Luxuries

1. Kate Spade heart of gold bangle ($32). A solid addition to your arm party.

2. Fresh Sugar Lemon body wash ($19). I packed this for the hospital when I had Jack. The beautiful, light scent will always remind me of the first faaaaabulous shower I had after 24+ hours of labor!

3. NARS Heatwave semi-matte lipstick ($24). I read that this is the perfect shade of orange-red for all complexions. Make sure to dab it on with your finger instead of applying straight to your mouth for a less garish effect. I mean, we're not fashion bloggers 'round these parts of the Internet.

What's your favorite little luxury?

{I chose #1.}


  1. Love your new blog make over, Emily! I always enjoy your posts! Keep em coming!

    1. Thanks, Alicia! I didn't realize you were reading! :)


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