Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 17

This past week I've begun to distinguish Baby G moving more consistently, which has been amazing and very real. I read that last week the baby could begin hearing which blew Brad and me away--we hopefully have little ears listening in on our conversations!

I had an appointment two Thursdays ago with my OB/GYN and everything looked great. I, being me, had a million questions for her ranging from the dumb to serious. She was patient and answered each one of them of course and really put my mind at ease over some rather small things I'd been worrying about. I will say it is just incredible how God designed our bodies.

During my appointment, per usual I got to hear the heartbeat on the doppler. I kept hearing a click and then static which she laughed and said was Baby G kicking. This does not shock me as the past two sonos I've had, Baby G did not stop moving. It probably was the sugar cookies I ate beforehand, but whatevs.

We headed to Babies R Us last night for a little baby recon, and we realized how little we know about caring for an infant. For instance, there are like 1 billion different types of bottles. How on earth do you pick one? I grew up babysitting a lot, but I never, you know, had to buy the bottles. I think we'll definitely be signing up for one of those newborn classes that the hospitals offer. And let's not kid ourselves--I'll be calling my mom a ton.

We find out whether we're having a boy or girl on October 6th. Then let the games begin!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New York State of Mind.

I'm finally taking the time to write about our trip to NYC from almost a month ago. This blog is the closest thing I have to a scrapbook, so it really doesn't bother me when I post out of order. I mean, if it were my real scrapbook, it wouldn't be done for another decade, so I figure a month isn't so bad.

For my BIG birthday, my husband let me pick where I wanted to go. The last trip I had been on with the ladies of my family was back in 2008 (I think) when we went to LA and were on the Dr. Phil show. (Not really on it, but there was a close up of me in the audience looking shocked and appalled at the subject matter. Another story, another day.)

On this trip I was to be the tour guide, which was a bit iffy since I've been to NYC twice before but had yet to figure out which way was up either of the other times. Because I am so wise now in my ripe old age, I actually took the time prior to leaving to study the map. (You may feel free to laugh at that. I do.) However, we only got lost once, and it was because of an unscheduled subway change up on Sunday morning. I call that victory, my friends.

Since the group was comprised mostly of first-timers, we stayed one block off of the iconic Times Square at the Millenium Broadway Hotel. It was a perfect location for the sites we were planning to see.

We saw two shows while we were there with tickets bought at the Times Square TKTS booth. The seats were FABULOUS for both of them. Here we are before West Side Story. Our first evening there we saw Promises, Promises with Sean Hayes and the cute-as-a-button Kristin Chenoweth.

My mom and me taking in the sights.

A carriage ride through Central Park. First time for me!

Riding the Staten Island Ferry with the Statue of Liberty in the background.

Of course we would stop here. One must.

Other highlights were Magnolia Bakery, Canal Street (twice), Ground Zero, the Financial District, Rockefeller Center, Chinatown, Little Italy. Wow, thinking about the walking we did is making me tired.

While visiting Henri Bendel, I consulted with a makeup artist. As a gift to myself for turning 30, I was outfitted with a proper eye cream and concealer (and of course a ton of other stuff.)

I am convinced that at most, I now look 29.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baby Fun

Thank you so much for your congratulations. Excited doesn't even begin to describe the anticipation we are feeling regarding this little one who will be joining us the first week in March!

The day I found out about Baby G I bought him/her The Jesus Storybook Bible. The tagline says "every story whispers His Name." That just gives me such comfort everytime I read it. I can't wait for us to read it to and teach Baby G how even his/her story whispers God's Name.

Uh-oh, pregnancy hormone moment. Let me grab a Kleenex.

OK, that's better.

That book is actually how I told Brad that we were having a baby. We had previously discussed gifting each other with new Bibles for our anniversary. As soon as I got home that afternoon I handed it to him and said, "I hope it's okay if I give you yours early. I think you'll be reading this one A LOT!"

{I then bought him another Bible sans pictures for our anniversary, in case you were wondering.}

We plan on finding out whether Baby G is a boy or girl. Everyone is allowed their own opinion on the matter so mine is this: I figure you can either be surprised at 20 weeks or 40 weeks, but either way it's still a surprise. And I like to know my surprises early as my husband will attest to how much enjoyment I get at Christmastime trying to guess what he bought me. {It's a very fun game to me--a bit of an irritant to him.} I'm 13 weeks along at this point, so we're not too far off from knowing.

With the exception of this past week, I have had no morning sickness. I'm praising God for meeting this need because I have no idea how morning sickness would've worked with a 100 mile roundtrip commute everyday. Mostly I have been tired, exhausted, worn out, spent, or laid to waste at the end of the day. However you want to put it, if you called my house after 7:30, I didn't answer because I was asleep. I feel like I'm turning a corner though, so now if I don't answer, I'm probably just screening my calls. ;)

Otherwise, we're doing really great and having fun telling everyone we know!
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