Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 17

This past week I've begun to distinguish Baby G moving more consistently, which has been amazing and very real. I read that last week the baby could begin hearing which blew Brad and me away--we hopefully have little ears listening in on our conversations!

I had an appointment two Thursdays ago with my OB/GYN and everything looked great. I, being me, had a million questions for her ranging from the dumb to serious. She was patient and answered each one of them of course and really put my mind at ease over some rather small things I'd been worrying about. I will say it is just incredible how God designed our bodies.

During my appointment, per usual I got to hear the heartbeat on the doppler. I kept hearing a click and then static which she laughed and said was Baby G kicking. This does not shock me as the past two sonos I've had, Baby G did not stop moving. It probably was the sugar cookies I ate beforehand, but whatevs.

We headed to Babies R Us last night for a little baby recon, and we realized how little we know about caring for an infant. For instance, there are like 1 billion different types of bottles. How on earth do you pick one? I grew up babysitting a lot, but I never, you know, had to buy the bottles. I think we'll definitely be signing up for one of those newborn classes that the hospitals offer. And let's not kid ourselves--I'll be calling my mom a ton.

We find out whether we're having a boy or girl on October 6th. Then let the games begin!


  1. OCTOBER 6!!!!!!!!
    I'm so excited for you!

    You'll get it all figured out, no worries...and I'm sure you will get plenty of advice from everyone. Just make sure you register for and/or buy what you REALLY WANT. =)

  2. I would recommend one of the childbirth classes ... they are helpful! And if you are planning on breastfeeding, see if there is a class offered ... it's still awkward the first time, but at least you feel a little more prepared! :) You'll learn as you go and love every minute of it!

    As for which bottle ... every baby is different! You may have to try out several.

  3. I would love to help you register for baby items. It is always helpful to have someone let you know if you really need something or not. Just let me know and I'll meet you at babies r us.
    Brandi Estes

  4. you'll figure it out, read lots of product and safety reviews, and go with what you want! baby will deal with whatever you give it, so don't worry. plus there's lots of good lists and books that tell the basic needs. And the childbirth and newborn classes are a must!!

  5. Brandi, I may have to take you up on that!


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