Friday, October 1, 2010

FFF: My Favorite things about having every other Friday off.

I haven't done a FFF (that's Friday Fave Five) in forever, but I am off this Friday and was just pondering what a blessing that is. Here are my favorite things about it (in no certain order.)

1. Time for housework and house fluffing that I have no time for on the weekends. (Tell me you get what I'm saying by house fluffing?)

2. A chance to wake up with NO alarm clock. (I'm guessing that will change in approx. 22-ish weeks for at least 18 years.)

3. Spending time with the Lord without being on a schedule.

4. On Canton weekends, it allows me to shop and miss the Saturday crowd.

5. An opportunity to visit boutiques that are normally closed up by 5 PM on the weekdays.


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