Monday, October 25, 2010

Week 21

This week was another fun one as we began to prepare our home for Baby Jack. I have long considered his room "the baby's room" from the moment we finalized our house plans. It's cozy, closest to our room, and just perfect for a tiny one.

My parents graciously gifted us with his crib, and it came in this week! I decided I wanted a standard, classic baby bed rather than one that will convert into another size later. We already have a day bed that will stay in the room, so our plan is to eventually move him to that bed when he grows into to something larger. We'll see. My "plans" are always changing. Can anyone relate?

Other than moving a little slower than I used to and getting tired much faster than I did before, I still feel great. This blessing is not lost on me as I know several of my friends were sick for a full 9 months. Jack is moving around a lot still, and my belly is starting to expand a bit more. I read today that he probably weighs around 1 lb. Amazing. I started using Palmer's Cocoa whatever a few weeks ago to hopefully preempt any stretch marks, but it smells something like a boys' locker room. Gross. Thankfully, one of my incredibly thoughtful friends brought me some Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Balm as a gift. Not smelly!

I had a bit of a surreal moment this weekend. I went home to visit my parents, and my mom, Grannie, and I stopped by a local store where Mom had shopped for me as child and where I found a pair of airplane footie PJ's for Jack that I decided he needed. As I stood at the counter to pay, I could remember not being tall enough to even see over it as a little girl, and there I was buying clothes for my own precious one. It was one of those sweet times for me where life comes full circle, and I felt God's blessing washing over me again.

I'm so excited about this little boy and so overjoyed to be his mother. As much as I am treasuring this time preparing for his arrival, it's hard not to want to rush to have him in our arms!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weeks 19 & 20

Last week we had the BIG sonogram to find out if Baby G was a boy or a girl. As I mentioned in the previous post, Baby G is indeed Baby Jack, who already has some clothes, bags, and a bed on the way. It's so much fun to refer to him by his name. His sonogram revealed that from what they can tell, he and his little organs are growing just as they should. Hearing the sonographer talk about how good his heart looked was my first proud moment as a parent. Who knew I would be so proud of a 4 chambered little heart!?! God has blessed me beyond measure, and I am so thankful for his health.

For some reason over the past week I have gotten tired again. I thought I had left that behind in the 1st trimester, but apparently I needed some rest this week. So that's exactly what I did. I was in my pajamas soon after I hit the door, and in the bed earlier than normal. I think a little bit more rest over the weekend with some balanced eating will help me out.

Other than that, clothes continue to fit less and less, and all maternity clothes look like huge sacks with polka dots which does not make me want to go shopping. Apparently all pregnant women are supposed to dress like Minnie Mouse. Seriously, maternity clothes manufacturers? Pregnant girl has some church/work/personal events that she needs a couple of dresses for. Oh well! There is nothing I love better than shopping with a mission.

But seriously, I am doing great and so is Jack. I can't believe we're about halfway to meeting him. Excited doesn't even begin to describe it!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week 18

Not a whole lot of changes this week. Baby G is dancing around like crazy in my belly which makes for some of the funniest sensations. It's a constant reminder that there is a person growing inside of me, which is just miraculous. The baby is the size of a mango, but I'm not really sure how big that is, and I was too busy to go to the grocery store this weekend to check it out. (We'll be eating a lot of breakfast foods at our house for dinner this week. And Halloween candy.)

I'm still feeling great with occasional bouts of the blah, but that is to be expected I guess when your body is going through so many changes. I wake up multiple times a night and am about to start keeping a notepad on my nightstand so I can write down everything I think to add to my to-do list during those intervals. I have some major revelations about things I need to remember (especially regarding work) during those moments.

One big change that has seriously and officially happened is that my fall clothes do not fit. While this is a by-product of a blissful and wonderful event, outfitting oneself is not without expense, and clothes are required in my office (as I hope they are in yours.) Fortunately I have some wonderful friends who have walked this road before me and have blessed me with the great loan of their maternity clothes. It definitely takes a village.

Maternity clothes from Ashley, just waiting to be sorted!

We find out this week whether Baby G is a boy or a girl. I'm dying to know, so I hope he/she cooperates. Guess that means I'll be buying two wardrobes this week--one for me, and one for Baby G.

Sorry, B!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ladies' Luncheon 2010: Childhood Memories

A few weekends ago was the annual Fall Ladies' Luncheon organized by our church's Women's Ministry. This is my 3rd year to decorate a table, and I love doing it. Part of the fun is seeing what other ladies come up with as well. The theme this year was "Childhood Memories." I wanted to pick a fun, girly, and pink childhood memory so mine was "Playing Dress Up."

My table that morning was made up of some sweet friends. We enjoyed quiche, fruit parfaits, and lots of fun fellowship. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and so I have all of one pic from the day.

This was our table before the event began. The centerpiece in the middle was made by Central Market, and it's arranged in a silver plated urn that I found at Salvation Army a couple of years ago for $10. I must tell you that the day I found it was one of my proudest thrift shopping days. The pink glassware was borrowed from my Grannie and anchored with some of my Spode Tower pink dinner plates. All the other fun "dress-up" stuff on the table came out of my own dress-up stuff. Makeup, pearls, a pink feather boa {of course!}, gloves, and crowns. (For some reason, my Co-Workers have supplied me with numerous crowns. Hmm.)

I handmade the place cards for each place setting. Starting with a doily, some pages from Pride & Prejudice (I have a copy for every room in my house, so this one won't be missed, I promise) and ending with a chipboard initial for each lady at the table. I am dangerous with a hot glue gun--just ask my index finger. After searching every craft store in FW I didn't find silver glittered chipboard letters, so I hand glittered these. I was pleased with how they turned out and now have mine blinging up my office space.

As much fun as it is to plan and execute something as fun as this, the best part is a morning of girl talk with friends!

Friday, October 1, 2010

FFF: My Favorite things about having every other Friday off.

I haven't done a FFF (that's Friday Fave Five) in forever, but I am off this Friday and was just pondering what a blessing that is. Here are my favorite things about it (in no certain order.)

1. Time for housework and house fluffing that I have no time for on the weekends. (Tell me you get what I'm saying by house fluffing?)

2. A chance to wake up with NO alarm clock. (I'm guessing that will change in approx. 22-ish weeks for at least 18 years.)

3. Spending time with the Lord without being on a schedule.

4. On Canton weekends, it allows me to shop and miss the Saturday crowd.

5. An opportunity to visit boutiques that are normally closed up by 5 PM on the weekdays.
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