Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekending and the Ramp Up to Summer

This weekend was full!

Friday night started out with Parents' Night Out at our church which is awesome, low-cost childcare for a date night. Mr. G and I headed down to Sundance Square for supper at Bird Cafe. While we enjoyed our dining experience, I think we decided it wasn't really our kind of place. For example, we ate some part of the base of a cow's brain or something like that, without knowing what it was. I tuned out after the waitress said "cow" and "brain." Thinking about it makes me want to go grab my toothbrush again.

Anyway, nothing against Bird Cafe. The atmosphere was great, and the service was fine. I'm not an adventurous eater, although I now feel practiced up to try out for Survivor.

We washed that down with a cupcake, as we enjoyed the fabulous new open space in Sundance Square. If you've never been to Fort Worth, it's a fantastic place to spend a summer evening, with the fountains for kids to play in and plenty of seating to just relax and visit with friends and loved ones.

This pic was from brunch on Mother's Day weekend, which was very lovely.

Saturday was filled with errands for Senior recognition Sunday at our church before a 75 minute intensive Pure Barre class for 100 Club Members. It was with one of my favorite instructors who you seriously cannot help but love as she challenges you in a very sweet voice to push yourself harder than you ever have before. That was Saturday, and I'm still sore. It was awesome.

Moving on to Sunday. Our church's Student Ministry has a lot of traditions surrounding Senior Sunday, and I really enjoy getting to be part in honoring those. We have a robing ceremony during the Sunday school hour where each graduating senior chooses someone who has had a significant impact on their walk with Christ to honor that morning. The honoree helps the student into their graduation gown, followed by the student saying a few words of thanks to the honoree. It's really moving. After, the students are recognized in the worship services, then we have a special luncheon. After all of the running around, the fam came home and took a big nap. We rounded that out with snow cones and guacamole on the back porch.

I keep looking at the calendar and can't believe my eyes. Between youth camp, VBS, and swim lessons, our June is booked. So much for the lazy days of summer.
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