Monday, January 14, 2019

Happy 2019, and Welcome Back to Being Mrs. Gentry

I've given a lot of thought about what to do with this space. My last post was during the summer of 2017. We had moved to a new home that spring, and now we've been here almost two years. I'd ask where the time went, but I know exactly where it was spent. Raising children, sending a baby to kindergarten, playing in the summer sun, settling an entire family into a new space, walking through trials, working on special projects outside of the home, and seeking God as He walks with me through all of it.

That is, the time was used up by living.

I have missed this space. In years prior, it has been a place to allow my more creative side to wander. Today it is looking like more of a dumping ground for my personal goals, status of those goals, and project plan of attack. Superficially, these are not overly spiritual goals, but for the believer in Christ Jesus, it is nigh impossible to separate any goal from walking with God. So it is with these, and I will elaborate more in posts to follow.

2019 Goals
  • Read 52 books, many of which are works that I've "been meaning to read."
  • Lean into Pure Barre and hit 750 club in the first quarter of the year. I have around 50 classes to go.
  • I'm rediscovering an old friend by picking up a tennis racket for the first time in 15 years.
  • Open our home to others and show hospitality as often as we possibly can, as an act of worship.
  • Support the teachers and administration educating my children by advocating for Texas public schools.

  • I'm super pumped to be writing here again, and--putting it our here right now--my goal is to post twice weekly.

    Have an amazing week!
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