Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Summer Update

While taking a quick mom break to mindlessly surf the net tonight, I thought, "Why not update the ol' blog?"

What a fast summer it has been!

The kids spent the month of June with back to back activities, from visiting west Texas to VBS and day camp, straight into July swim lessons. Mr. G and I both went to camp at the beach with the students at our church in late June. Last week was the first week we've had to take a big breath. I asked the kids what they'd like to do (thinking they'd want the zoo splash pad or whatnot) and they both agree: STAY HOME. No need to twist my arm!

Soon after, we did a long weekend in Houston where we hit the beach one morning in Galveston, took in an Astros game, and toured the Johnson Space Center. Like so many other Southern Baptists, our VBS theme was Galactic Starveyors this year, and both of my children have been more fascinated with space than ever since early June. They were pumped.

We've finally started gathering school supplies and ordering standard dress in the next size up. (I'm doubling down on glue sticks this year since apparently kindergarteners ate them for breakfast last year. Maybe first graders will take it easier on them?)

So we've rested and hung around town this week and last. Done our favorite story time at the museum, lunches and playdates, swam, and then earlier this week, Sister hit the jackpot at the American Girl store, while Brother took his hard-earned Read to Succeed ticket to Six Flags. It was his very first trip!

We're coasting by the rest of the summer. A 12 year anniversary celebrated, and a birthday upcoming. Slowly, but surely, I've unpacked the last of the lingering boxes from our move. (Yep, four months ago.) The ones I'm avoiding should probably just be thrown away, but where's the fun in that, when you could move them from room to room procrastinating? I finally decided on and ordered a new table for our breakfast area. Next up comes a dining table. The shutters are in, and now I'm zeroing in on drapes. There is no shortage of things to do! Add laundry to that list.

Here's hoping more posts are forthcoming. I enjoy the small outlet, even if I'm writing to myself.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Changing Times at Casa de Gentry

Hi! There's been a lot of radio silence around here since we started kindergarten back in the fall. I didn't anticipate how much of our family's time would be taken up with school, but there it is.

But really, there's about six months of blank space here that can be filled with one big statement: WE'RE MOVING.

Yep, on February 24th we closed on this house we've lived in for almost ten years. I can hardly think about it for fear that I'll have a big, ugly cry, but indeed, we are moving. And it's to a new build, which has also taken up a ton of our time, thoughts, and energy. As sad as we are about leaving our original home, we are pumped about our new digs! We took our time to find the exact place we wanted to live yet still stay in the general vicinity, and the Lord guided our steps. We were looking for a new home for ministry, and that is exactly what He has prepared for us.

sneak peek of my new kitchen

By next Friday, we'll be completely moved out and in a holding pattern for a few short days until we close on our new home. Once we move in and have internet set up, I hope to start writing here again!

home tour from several years ago:
living room
breakfast nook
brother's room
sister's room

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