Monday, October 25, 2010

Week 21

This week was another fun one as we began to prepare our home for Baby Jack. I have long considered his room "the baby's room" from the moment we finalized our house plans. It's cozy, closest to our room, and just perfect for a tiny one.

My parents graciously gifted us with his crib, and it came in this week! I decided I wanted a standard, classic baby bed rather than one that will convert into another size later. We already have a day bed that will stay in the room, so our plan is to eventually move him to that bed when he grows into to something larger. We'll see. My "plans" are always changing. Can anyone relate?

Other than moving a little slower than I used to and getting tired much faster than I did before, I still feel great. This blessing is not lost on me as I know several of my friends were sick for a full 9 months. Jack is moving around a lot still, and my belly is starting to expand a bit more. I read today that he probably weighs around 1 lb. Amazing. I started using Palmer's Cocoa whatever a few weeks ago to hopefully preempt any stretch marks, but it smells something like a boys' locker room. Gross. Thankfully, one of my incredibly thoughtful friends brought me some Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Balm as a gift. Not smelly!

I had a bit of a surreal moment this weekend. I went home to visit my parents, and my mom, Grannie, and I stopped by a local store where Mom had shopped for me as child and where I found a pair of airplane footie PJ's for Jack that I decided he needed. As I stood at the counter to pay, I could remember not being tall enough to even see over it as a little girl, and there I was buying clothes for my own precious one. It was one of those sweet times for me where life comes full circle, and I felt God's blessing washing over me again.

I'm so excited about this little boy and so overjoyed to be his mother. As much as I am treasuring this time preparing for his arrival, it's hard not to want to rush to have him in our arms!

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  1. Great post! Yay for a baby boy, footie PJ's, a crib, and no pukies!! =) =) =)


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