Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekending: Fort Worth Stock Show

Last Friday, we took in Cowtown's most illustrious event, the Fort Worth Stock Show. The joke around town is that the weather always takes a bad turn during the Stock Show, so it was no surprise when it came a 24-hour gully washer here earlier last week. And we are most grateful for it. Fortunately for us, Friday was a beautiful day to see the animals {and the red velvet funnel cake--worth every calorie.}

Jack got his very first pair of cowboy boots for Christmas from his great-grandparents, and I couldn't wait to put them on him. They also gave him a darling little pearl snap shirt. I nearly died when we opened it because it's so precious. (Cowboys can be precious until they are old enough to tell you not to call them that, right?) But that day he wore his Carhartt gear since we were heading to the farm after.

Clearly, my baby might need to go wander in the woods?

How does the {insert every barnyard animal under the sun} sound?

We spent Friday night and all day Saturday with my parents. My mom and I ran to Dallas Saturday morning for a quick round of shopping before we gathered with my dad's family to celebrate my grandmother's birthday. One stop we made was the Gilt City Warehouse Sale, which was kind of a madhouse.

I spent Sunday hopping from one place to the next, it seems, with church, housework, and other social commitments. That's just the way it is some Sundays, but I'm sure the next Lord's day will be much more restful. I try very hard to put away my list of "to-do's" on that day, simply so it's not treated as just one more day in the week. I mean, one of the first ten commandments God gave us was to keep it holy. Rest. Keep the day dedicated to the Lord. That being said, I did just enough laundry done that we'll make it until Friday and grabbed some groceries to get us through.

It's so fun on Sunday night after a busy weekend to visit Downton. I love Lady Mary more each week, but she is especially endearing herself this episode. I'm also wondering, "Where on earth are Daisy's parent's?!?"

I hope you have a great week!

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