Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jack's 11 Month Update

My not-so-tiny baby is less than a month away from his first birthday. I don't want to go all cliche on you, but good lands, where has the time gone?!?

{I also haven't done a specific monthly post on him since 7 months. This is a prime example of why I do not scrapbook.}

One of the few pics without the sign in his mouth.

My sweet baby son is all over the place and pulling up on everything. Somewhere in his 9th month he went from barely moving from one spot in the morning, to crawling into the kitchen to remove all of the contents of my Tupperware cabinet by the afternoon. The Lord showed me great favor and allowed it to happen on a day I was home from work. He is in the smallest of my details.

Besides that, we finally have some teeth! He's been warming up to real food for a while now, but eating toothless, I would imagine, is quite a challenge. His first taste of real food was a Little Debbie Christmas Tree cake. If you've ever had one, you can understand why that finally motivated him to eat real things. For the record, it has not turned him off of healthy foods, and I did make him share it with me. He'll eat anything I put in front of him these days, which of course is making me evaluate how healthy we are eating (i.e. limiting frequency of Little Debbie incidents.)

We just moved him into 18 month pajamas, which have historically been the first clothing item he's advanced in size. I think we're about to need new Levi's, and his winter coat seems a bit snug. All of these are signs of a healthy little man, who has charmed us to pieces. And on February 26, he'll be an entire year old!

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  1. He is SUCH a little cutie!! I love that a Little Debbie was his first real food. :) A little sweets never hurt anybody! (Except maybe me - ha!)

  2. I can't handle them turning 1 - makes me so emotional! Thatcher is still not too interested in real food either. Turned down lasagna at school lunch today - who does that?!?!

  3. I really love this line - "He is in the smallest of my details." Yes, though I myself often forget that.

    Your Jack continues to be too darling, and a man of good taste too - I never met a Little Debbie I didn't like!


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