Monday, January 9, 2012


We have had a wonderful, slow weekend here at home. Friday night I worked late and got caught in traffic through Arlington. It seems I forgot about a tiny little sporting event scheduled that evening called the Cotton Bowl. So after finally getting home, I did Day 5 of the Shred and hung out with my guys.

Saturday Mr. G golfed while Jack and I ran to Waxahachie to meet up with my mom. She treated us to lunch at a charming little place on the square called The Dove's Nest. While they did not have a high chair, thus resulting in my little man's first adventure with a booster seat (requiring constant supervision and flinching to catch him any time he moved,) they did have a delicious chicken salad made with apricots, roasted almonds, and rosemary honey dijon mayo. I don't even like almonds, and I could've licked my plate it was so good. If you're ever in that area, it is a solid dining choice.

Waxahachie is halfway (45 minutes) to my hometown, so it's the perfect meeting spot. We occasionally meet my parents there for dinner, and it's a great rendezvous point to hand off grandchildren, so I imagine we'll be seeing a lot of it over the years. We spent the rest of the day shopping around town. It's so nice to not have an agenda on the weekend, you know?

Sunday we had a great day in the Lord. Today was the first day of our church's new worship schedule, with contemporary worship at 11 AM. It. was. amazing. Reports I heard said that both services were full, and it is just so neat to see the Lord moving in our congregation. Afterward, we had several couples over for lunch. I had fried chicken (pick up from Brookshire's, no need to be impressed) and the other ladies brought sides. It was great to get to know new friends! I feel like I'm just now getting my "entertaining" legs back under me since I had Jack, which is hilarious considering he is into everything and requires so much more picking up after! He's so fun though, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Right now I'm enjoying my super clean house (a benefit of socializing at home on Sunday) and watching the season 2 premiere of Downton Abbey on Masterpiece Theater (which is now shortened to just plain Masterpiece so hopefully there aren't too many typos! If you haven't been watching Downton, you can watch all of Season 1 online HERE. It is incredibly entertaining, about the innerworkings of an English estate highlighting relationships of the servants and the aristocracy. That description in no way gives it the credit that is due. If you're watching, who is your favorite character? Mine is a toss up between Lady Mary and Anna, the ladies' maid.

Have a great week!


  1. We've got all of season 1 and last night's episode of Downton Abbey on the DVR! Once we get caught up we can chat about it :) Thanks for you hospitality yesterday - we had a great time!

  2. Gorgeous photo of those Jack - those are some baby blues!

    Wasn't the Season 2 premiere amazing? My hands-down "Downton" favorite is the Dowager Countess, with Anna running a close second. I love them all, though, even the stinkers - except for O'Brien's sideburns, that is.

  3. Thank you!

    Oh, Maggie Smith is killing it! Poor O'Brien (said in Lady Grantham's voice)...those bangs too. Terrible.

  4. Ok, you and Big Mama are both into Downton Abbey, so I know I will love it! Must. Watch. ASAP.

    PS love how I'm commenting all at once? Its because I read from my iPad or phone and it is too hard to comment there! But, I had to come back and share my thoughts on all of your recent posts!


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