Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What to Wear Where: Transition to Fall

Today I'm linking up with Melissa at I Pick Pretty and Amy at Forever 29 to post about fall transition wear. They have this great series that I've had great intentions to join, however laziness and otherwise life in general has been holding me back.

If there is a phrase that better described my wardrobe right now than "in transition," I can't think of it. I'm 16 weeks pregnant, and my normal clothes are already uncomfortable, so I've "graduated" on to more forgiving items. I prefer to invest in pieces wearable post-baby over making a limited time investment in maternity clothes. The key to this of course, is elastic, which fortunately many women's clothing makers include in even their skinny dresses.

I love this dress because the waist is elastic, although it's not obvious by looking at it. I bought a size to accommodate my current top half and will simply have it taken in after my shape changes post-pregnancy. And of course, a sweater is a must since my office is usually cold. This one adds some great fall color and will also go well with a long tank and my maternity skinnies. Now there's an oxymoron for sure.

As the weather cools off (perhaps by January, here in the good 'ol Lone Star State) I will add boots to it over my current flat choice. I'll probably trade off between my more traditional riding boots and my harness boots, but I like the bit of roughness these add to the "sweet."

And of course, I can't get enough of my Kendra Scott turquoise Danielles. They make the cut pretty much any season!

Transition to Fall


  1. Ooh, I like, I like! I'm big on pairing the feminine dress with the tough details, like those boots. I'm obviously on board with the Pippa, the MJ, and those earrings too.

    1. Would you believe it took me a week to figure out who Legallyblondemel is?!?!? Thanks! I'm loving these link ups!

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