Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Holiday Weekending

My household was off kilter last week as my husband had a last minute work trip, thus Jack and I headed south to stay with my parents for a week at the farm. Not only was it nice to have more sets of hands with my active little boy, but we also got a great visit, and I could work my normal schedule instead of abbreviating my days to keep Jack's normal care schedule. That's a Stephen Covey "think win-win" if I've ever seen one.

{That is one of the few Seven Habits that I can actually remember.}

But still, packing up a toddler plus my work wardrobe-dwindling too-many-donuts-or-is-she-? self was quite a task. Then living out of a suitcase for a few days with a child occasionally saying "Daddy?" just put me off my game for a bit. We did have a wonderful visit with my family though!

Big kid.

He even got to ride the tractor. Boy paradise.

Mr. G got home Friday and drove in to dove hunt before we three returned home on Saturday evening. It was the perfect weekend for a Monday holiday. Sunday was a great day listening to what the Lord did on mission trips that originated from our church this summer, and then we followed that up by lunching with the high school seniors. We are directing their department this year and really are excited about what the Lord has in store. Plus, hi, seniors are just plain fun.

We just restored the house to rights on Monday with laundry, lawn mowing grocery shopping, (online holiday sale shopping...shhhh), and hanging out with our little guy. He decided to sit in my lap and watch cartoons, and I'm not going to complain about that, ever. It was great, and I even found myself in bed on time, at work on time this morning and with a surprisingly not Monday-ish attitude. Maybe the second trimester truly is magical!

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