Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Birthday Weekending

This is a long post about my birthday. Long. Very long.

As I mentioned in my last post, Thursday was my birthday. I'm the type who has no shame when it comes to celebrating that particular event. Apart from Christian holidays, it's my favorite. As such, I took the day off because I could think of nothing more fun than a lunch date and pushing trucks around the floor with my sweet kiddo all afternoon.

With a short pause for a dental appointment, I picked Jack up and headed to my favorite tea room, the Rose Garden, a small hole in the wall place in The Fort Worth Mercantile where he and I split a very delicate dish known as "the sampler." You know, chicken salad, fruit, a cup of soup, and quiche, plus a small tea sandwich on their deliiiiiiicious pumpkin bread. These are the things birthdays are made of.

My handsome escort for the day was an absolute angel. He sat up at the table with great manners, ate his food with the appropriate "yum" for the pumpkin bread, and generally charmed all the ladies in the room. I really couldn't have asked for better behavior and was such a proud mom. He is usually good, but he was just over the top great that day.

We went home and napped and played, then headed to Reata for supper that night. All I wanted was chicken fried steak (a baby craving--had not had one in years!), and that was the only place I could think of that served it. We dined early since Jack was with us and it's a little more upscale, but he was great there too. A little more wound up since he was with Daddy, but really good.

What is better than birthday cake?

Pink birthday cake!

As I was also off on Friday, we set out for Northpark Center to meet my friend Sherry and her children for lunch and an Anthropologie personal shopping appointment to address my rapidly thickening waist. (Another post on that coming soon. I have loved Anthro personal shopping for years now.) (Also, poor Jack--if he knew what a sister was, he would probably be praying for one.) We had a great time, and it had been far too long since I'd gotten to visit with my friend! We headed back to Fort Worth for naps, Pride and Prejudice, and leftover cold pink birthday cake from Bluebonnet Bakery, not necessarily in that order.

Later that night, we met my parents and my college roommate/BFF/maid of honor plus her guy and her parents at Joe T. Garcia's for fajitas and--let us pause to remember--the guacamole. The weather was amazing for such a late August night, so Joe T's patio was a great party.

I spent the rest of the weekend hosting a baby shower, doing laundry, making cinnamon rolls for church, going to church, and reading a P&P "continuing story" type book.

In sum:

days off + favorite tearoom + Reata + pink cake + lunch w/ friends + supper w/ friends + Northpark + new clothes + naps + Pride & Prejudice + time spent with family + Joe T's + guacamole = my perfect 32nd birthday!


  1. I think we're like the same person. If we both lived in the same town I could see us being the best of friends! Happy Birthday!

  2. Perfect birthday! Glad it was wonderful :)


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