Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Remember that first time I took my toddler to the ER?

Yeah, that happened too.

Shortly after a bath and pajamas on Sunday night, the little guy was playing on the piano (totally supervised) and in and instant, fell backward off of the piano bench and knocked the back of his head on a coffee table behind him.

Within seconds we spotted him bleeding from the back of the head. Head wounds produce lots of bleeding, minor or otherwise, but I knew immediately that we'd need someone with more medical experience than we have combined (that would be none) to take a look at him. I called our neighbors who are both wonderful nurses, and Mr. Matt came right over to check the little guy out. He gave us the bad news: while it wasn't a long cut, it was deep. We would need to get him patched up in the ER.

After calling a close by friend to come and keep the ladybug, we loaded up Jack and mapped out the location of Cook Children's Emergency Room. Unfortunately, when we checked in, they told me the wait was as bad as Christmas Day. We got there around 9 PM and waited around 45 minutes before we were called back and given the prescribed treatment: STAPLES.

Holy moly.

Even with the amount of craziness they were experiencing there, everyone was so, so great with us and our boy. They numbed the wound with lidocaine gel and after letting it work its magic over 30 minutes, the doc came in and stapled it up. The child didn't even flinch. Afterward, the nurse brought him a rainbow popsicle, and we were home by 11 PM.

So yesterday we took it easy most of the day. He only mentioned it once and hasn't complained even once of pain, even though there are clearly 4 staples in the back middle of his head. What a champ! I'm curious to see what happens when we have to go back and have them removed. I don't really want to think about it.

Convalescing with sister.

It was a reminder to me that anything can happen in an instant. The Fort Worth community is blessed to have such a great facility as Cooks catering to our children.

So tell me, has your toddler made an ER visit yet?


  1. So glad he's OK--what a tough fellow!
    Thankfully, we've only had one urgent care visit for a rash (and that was last week), but C fell off the recliner (as with y'all--totally supervised) and banged up her lip pretty badly. A good reminder that a little chair like Jack's is high on our priority list right now!

    1. Thanks, Tiffany! I couldn't believe there were no more tears than what he cried. I would still be crying! I'm glad Catherine was okay and nothing more serious. KIDS!

  2. I am happy to know that he is Okay. We as parents, all we want for our children is for them to be safe and to be always comfortable with everything. For sure they will put topical lidocain before removing the staple most specially that he is still a little kid. So, no worries for that. - www.escapeejays.com

  3. Glad to hear this that he is all well now.M happy for you.You must be relaxed now.
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  4. Poor guy! Jake made his first ER visit when he was 4. He was playing in a little indoor paly area at a mall. A kid was climbing up on a little thing Jake was sitting on and knocked him off. He fell face first on the padded floor. Sam snatched him up and we noticed very quickly his poor little nose. There was lots of blood too. He was a trooper though. He was goofing off wiht the doctors and nurses. It was funny because it was right at Halloween and he was going to be an Army soldier. Kinda went with is coustume!

  5. Love jack's chair! Where did you get it? I want to get one for my son also.

    1. Hi! It's a Pottery Barn Kids anywhere chair. There are two sizes--this one is just the regular size. I've heard kids grow out of the little one pretty quickly.

  6. So scary. Glad he survived the piano fall.

    Funny note, my Jack has the EXACT same chair from Pottery Barn.


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