Thursday, March 8, 2012

How Does She Do It?

So last night I had grand plans to write about a sweet thank you note where the writer remarked that she didn't know how I managed to do it all. You will note that there is no post on this topic last night. And that is exactly how I manage to do it all.

I don't do it all--at all.

Tuesday afternoon, Jack and I made a flying trip to my hometown (me to the dentist, him to see his grandparents.) After all the rushing around we'd done that day (I worked half the day, intercepted the kid, drove "home," then back to Fort Worth) my husband and my home needed my attention.

So sometimes other things get the shaft. I believe that's called prioritizing? I don't feel guilty about saying no. I pick and choose the things that are most important to me. Those are the things that get the very best of me. (In particular, the writer of the aforementioned thank you is incredibly important to me.)

We all have things that we'd love to do or participate in. For crying out loud, I got a gift card for a pedicure for Christmas, and I just finally made time to use it last weekend. But during this stage of life, sacrifice is the name of the game, and joyfully, I'll do it to preserve our precious family time.

Playing at my office Tuesday

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