Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Curls for Flat Haired Girls.

Back before Thanksgiving I started attempting some of those beautiful loose curls in my hair. There are a million different YouTube how-to vids, and even hairstyling challenged little 'ol me was able to figure it out. But my problem was my flat, fine hair just wouldn't hold the curl for long.

I was pleasantly surprised then, when a pre-Christmas party blowout with my hairstylist left me with curls that lasted for 2 (maybe three) days with only minor touch ups needed around my face from sleeping.

The difference? Her curling iron.

The next week I ordered this 1-inch Hot Tools marcel curling iron from Why do I think this works better than my plain old Conair? The weight of the metal barrel is heavier, I control the amount of pressure applied and how tight I am pulling the curl, plus it heats up much, MUCH hotter.

A marcel curling iron takes some getting used to. It doesn't have a spring to hold the hair clip in place, so you don't push it down to open it up. You have to use the long handle and your hand to open it. Also, the handle swivels so you can rotate the curl single-handed.

I don't think I'm explaining the mechanics of this very well, so below is a tutorial on how to use the marcel. I probably would recommend you watch a tutorial as a precaution for burning yourself. (Take my word on this one.)

Incidentally, is offering a discount through Sunday for St. Patrick's Day if you click on over there.

I've been reviewing things I recommend to my friends here for a long time. Click here to read through my previous recommendations, friend!


  1. I am president of the flat hair girl club. My hair is so fine and limp. I just can't do anything with it. I will DEFINITELY have to check this out!
    PS- hope your little guy is feeling much better!

    1. If you are president, then I am president emeritus. I've been trying another volumizing product that I'll have to share on here soon. It works wonders!

  2. OK, I DEFINITELY DON'T HAVE FLAT HAIR. hA! But I just ordered this little gadget because Laura Beth has a dance recital (and the pictures that go with it) coming up soon. I "needed" this for her (and I will use it for me too after Laura Beth is "finished" with it.) ha! Thanks Emily!

    1. You lucky girl with your naturally voluminous hair!

      OK, seriously watch the tutorial and practice a bit before doing this on LB. Don't burn her sweet little neck! (Experience speaking here...)


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