Monday, March 5, 2012


Baby's First BBQ

Friday was Texas's 176th Independence Day. A "desperately needing to hit the open road" moment (hence my Friday Fave) combined with a "we have no plans--hallelujah" moment found us in a small town to eat some good Texas BBQ to celebrate. This restaurant has expanded into the DFW area, but of course, the original is always the best.

Saturday, I awoke at 6:45 and couldn't go back to sleep. Such a shame. I spent the morning catching up on laundry, then loaded up the little man for a trip to the mall (baby's first mall chocolate chip cookie, yum) and some grocery shopping. It really was a great weekend of tying up some loose ends. All my special care laundry got washed and put away, plus little piles of things that have been stacking up were dealt with. And uhh, there might have been a giant pile in the bottom of my closet that a toddler could get lost in. No more.

Today was church and a great big nap and getting ready for a short week!


  1. Aw you guys were just down the road from us(Justus was born in Stephenville!) Fun!

    1. That's awesome! My parents lived in Hamilton for 2 years, so I'm familiar with that whole area. So gorgeous!


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