Monday, March 19, 2012

I Was With The Band @ SXSW

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Last week was so far out of our normal schedule that I don't even know where to begin to get us back on track this week. My mom was in town from Sunday until Thursday keeping Jack on her spring break. It was especially a huge blessing for her to be here since he ran fever until Wednesday. Wednesday! Fever, how dare you!

Mom was supposed to leave Thursday to go home and load up with my dad to go watch one of my brother's shows at SXSW in Austin. Well, my dad had the flu. Very sad. Here is where I cut to the chase and tell you that I took Friday off, and my mom and I went to Austin for SXSW, leaving the baby with my Aunt on Friday. (Thank you, Aunt Sheri!)

I haven't talked about my brother's band here in a while, but hold on to your electronic device because I am about to brag ALL over this page. I'm so proud I could just burst. Seriously. I never know how much I can share, but I guess if they have announced in on their FB page, then it's free for distribution right here on Being Mrs. Gentry.

My brother plays bass in a band called Sundress. They've signed with a wonderful management company. (Ever heard of Nirvana? The Beastie Boys? They managed them.) Sundress toured the East Coast in the fall, the West Coast in January, and seriously, they are coming your way in the future, as they just signed with a big time booking agency.

Last week they played a couple of official showcases and unofficial shows at SXSW and were chosen to record at Converse Rubber Tracks which is this cool pop up recording studio that visits all the different music festivals. They will get their track, and Converse will feature it on their site. My understanding is that free studio time is like gold. My mom and I got a quick tour and as we walked in, they were mixing (I guess? what do I know about this? nothing!) my brother's bass line. I was like, "Is that you??!?" He laughed. (It was.)

Being with the band on this particular day resulted in some free new chuck taylors for a certain Mrs. Gentry.

If you are looking for me, I will be with the band from now on.

In addition to all this braggety bragness on my brother (oh alliteration, I love thee), we also saw one of their shows, and caught the Kate Spade pop-up shop/bus which was parked out in front of The Hard Rock Cafe in Austin. Kate Spade sponsored a nationwide talent contest to select a girl band to open for the Vivian Girls at the major music festivals throughout the US. We shopped through the bus, and I decided that I needed that "Eat Cake for Breakfast" shirt. Need.

The day was such a blast!


  1. How fun, Emily! I would've needed that shirt too.

    1. It was so funny...after Jack's birthday party my grandfather asked what I was going to do with all of the leftover cake. I said, "Eat it for breakfast, of course!" He was like..."for breakfast?" I told him that he simply had not lived if he hadn't had cake for breakfast!

  2. How awesome for your brother! And new chucks for you, score :) I recently decided I NEEDED that KS shirt you. When it arrived hubs joked "I'm sure you needed that" haha

    1. Isn't it adorable? I know I will wear it a ton.


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