Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dear Francine Pascal

Dear Francine Pascal:

I recently read your latest chronicle of some of my favorite fictional characters as a young girl. I can't decide if you deserve a shame on you or a well done, you. So for the purposes of this letter, I will give you both.

Shame on you for taking the bloom off of the rose of my opinion of some of my favorite Sweet Valley peeps, for introducing them as potty-mouthed, lying, cheating, backstabbing, soap-operatic style shades of themselves. Not even Elizabeth was spared from your black-eyed pen!

Well done, you, for redeeming some of the most heinous of the SVHS villains and giving me closure to the series that, quite honestly, I hadn't thought about in years until I saw the cover on Amazon. As much as I was disappointed with the main conflict in the book, you wrapped it up in a way that I could live with. That is to be commended since I nearly threw it at the wall when I realized who and what the conflict was about.

Thanks for the memories, and the board game.

Mrs. Gentry

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