Monday, March 26, 2012

Gearing Up for Easter

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We are Christ-followers, so the meaning of Easter to us is celebrating Christ's glorious resurrection from the dead. That being said, we are excited about our little guy experiencing some of the little silly/fun traditions of the holiday. In particular, our church is sponsoring an Easter egg hunt (divided by ages), so I've been teaching Jack how to put eggs in his Easter basket.

This is no small feat, as his favorite activity is to empty any container as quickly as possible. Toy basket? Dump it. Block bucket? Dump it. So teaching him to place the eggs in has been full of cheers and claps upon success. One can only imagine the pep rally that will ensue at potty training, based on this scene.

This weekend I was out shopping (ending up purchasing only things for the boy--nothing for me. How does this happen?) and came across this darling shirt at Carter's. And, randomly, it happens to match his Easter basket. And, shockingly, his dad liked it. With a little more practice, he'll be ready to hunt eggs.

Rest assured, his basket reads Jack, not Joey.


  1. Fun! We're set on an Easter dress, but I've been having trouble hitting on a basket I like.
    So nice to meet you in person on Sunday!

    1. It was so nice to meet you too! Catherine is so cute!


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