Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Catching my breath today.

Last week I briefly mentioned that I had 3 events going on during the same week, one of which was Jack's birthday, and the other was Monday afternoon where I was responsible for feeding a large group of people for an event at work. All that to say: I am so tired, and it's just barely Wednesday of a non off-Friday week. So here are some random thoughts for today:
  • I write all of my blog posts in html like the geek that I am. I feel like it gives me more control over spacing and all sorts of other things, like bulleted lists. (And it's really not hard.)
  • I was bathing Jack last night and thought to myself, "I actually paid to take a class to learn how to bathe this kid." Funny how a year will put things into completely different perspective. Not that I'm some professional kid bather, but some things are a little common sense like...don't get soap in the baby's eyes.
  • I am thinking of having the boy's picture made with live bunnies for Easter. If you live in DFW and have any recommendations of a photography studio doing this, please let me know. I know they have them at NorthPark, but I wasn't impressed with the quality of the Santa photos (although Santa, himself, was amazing.)
  • Today I start counting my points again. I took a few days off for birthday celebrations and all that. Time to get real again.
  • I discovered that HEB (an awesome TX grocery chain) had Texas A&M re-usable grocery bags, so I had my mom pick some up for me. (We don't have HEB in DFW.) I've decided to go green on my shopping bags simply to show school spirit. That might seem a bit ridiculous, but regardless, I'm sure the environment won't mind.


  1. HTML? what is that? just kidding. sort of.

    i've been using reusable shopping bags, but i need to step up my game now that I know there are Aggie ones out there! they are so much easier to load/unload! you will love it!

    1. I have a ton of them, I just rarely remember to load them in the back of my car. Hoping the Aggie bags will motivate me a little more. :)

  2. Ems you probably already know this but there is an HEB in Burleson and if you take the back way out of Benbrook it's just 20 mins! Hello Texas grown produce and great meats, homemade tortillas, decent sushi, etc. Plus, it's 20 minutes of country driving so it's fun. We don't go for groceries every week but maybe once a month... HEB then Babe's for suppper!

    Jack is such a sweetie!!!!
    Amy D

    1. Thanks, Ames! I had completely forgotten! While I was on maternity, I shopped at the one in Burleson a few times, just to get out of the house for a while. The Granbury one didn't open until Sept. 11th. (I know because I emailed HEB to ask back during that time!)

  3. Whoa - think I knew you were a tech person, but please teach me your HTML ways!

    I also paid to take a class on how to bathe (and diaper) a baby and laugh now about how it all seemed as foreign as living on Mars at the time.

    I hope the environment doesn't care what our reusable bag motivation is - mine is that it's socially mandatory here in Austin, and my cute reusables don't clutter up my pantry like the old paper ones did. It's a win regardless.

    1. The HTML skillz sound more impressive than they really are. You could easily learn!


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