Monday, February 13, 2012


I feel like we should have had a slow and relaxing weekend, but somehow I managed to fill it with a million things, not the least of which was laundry, baking, cleaning, and running errands to make sure everyone has everything that they need. When I say everyone, I mean me. And when I say everything, I mean that I have procured my preferred color of eye shadow, my preferred moisturizer, and my favorite dress from the cleaners. So maybe I'm being a little dramatic.

Friday being my day off, we met up with my friend Hailey and her sweet daughters for lunch at Chick Fil A. I got to know her while her husband was our student minister, and he has recently transitioned to pastor a church still near our city, so I've missed catching up with her! It was a fun time, and we decided we must do it again soon.

That evening after Mr. G finished work, we left for Dallas and some quick shopping at NorthPark and the PGA Superstore in Plano. The PGA Superstore is like Mr. G's NorthPark. It's his favorite store ev-er. Sadly for him, we got there only 30 minutes before they closed so we had to powershop. Think Supermarket Sweep and this was us in the PGA Superstore. {I am QUEEN of powershopping. Seriously gifted. }

I spent all day Saturday running around. Except for his naptime, my little guy was right beside me. Dry cleaning, haircut for the little man, picking up a gift for a friend, and making Valentine's for Jack's Sunday school teachers. By 7 PM, when B had asked twice: "Are we going to have supper?" I decided I might have gotten a little carried away.

Little Man with a Little Haircut
(It was his second.)

The Little Man's Valentine's

This week is one of my favorites of the year. I love pink and hearts and flowers and the whole nine yards. My office always does a special celebration on Valentine's Day, which makes it that much more fun.

I don't know if you watch Parks and Recreation (in my opinion, you should!), but according to Leslie Knope, today is Gal-entine's Day. So make sure and wish the special girlfriends in your life a Happy Gal-entine's Day! I'm going to lunch with one of mine, and dropping off a special Gal-entine present for another.

Have a great week!


  1. Those came out great! I didn't have time to make them but there's always next year! Random, but seeing "Jack G" made me put his whole name together -- it really is a great name!

    1. Thank you! We thought his name was good for a little boy, as well as a gentleman. I think we picked it out the week after we got engaged. ;)

  2. So cute! Jack's friends are going to be so happy to eat those yummy cookies. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!

    So sad we didn't get to do lunch. We will reschedule soon! Hope J slept better last night :)

    1. I know, I was so bummed. I really need a very long nap, but that will have to wait until the weekend.

  3. Missed that Parks and Rec episode - cute, 'gal-entine.'

    1. Jen, that is our FAVORITE show. The best comedy on TV right now.


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