Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekending, one day late.

Like I mentioned on Thursday, Jack spent the weekend with my parents since we were busy with D-Now this past weekend. Due to that fact, I took a planned vacation day yesterday to spend time with him. We sat in the floor and rolled a ball, grocery shopped, ordered a 1st birthday cake (oh my), and mailed birthday invitations. Oh, and we sang "If You're Happy and You Know It." He has the clapping part down, which is adorable.

But back to the weekend! I also took off early on Friday to pack up my little Valentine and meet my mom to drop him off.

I spent a good part of the evening baking up a storm. Strawberry cookies and chocolate chip bar cookies to drop off at the home where my seniors were spending the weekend. Banana bread to drop by the home of some new parents. I accidentally didn't ever sign up to take supper by, but I thought banana bread for snacking would be a nice treat.

We spent the rest of the weekend chasing teenagers around. The bulk of Saturday was spent at a service project where the students painted two hallways at a night shelter. In fact, our 80+ students were spread out all over DFW doing all sorts of service projects. It was a great weekend, not just because of their service, but for the commitments they made to the Lord through the True Love Waits movement.

Sunday was of course the Super Bowl where I chased our kiddo around and visited with friends. I didn't see Gisele on TV, and I don't remember any great commercials. Who even played? But I had fun regardless.

I have a three day work week before my Friday off. It's sure to be hectic, but c'est la vie!


  1. MMM those pink cookies look yummy! And no way that it's time to order Jack's cake!! CRAZY.

  2. OMG! Our Jack is so handsome!
    Love, Sugar!


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