Friday, February 3, 2012



We didn't call it drop everything and read time at my elementary school, but I wish we had because I'm a sucker for cutesy acronymns. I did a lot of reading, regardless. My first chapter books were the Little House series, and I still remember my first grade teacher marching me down to the library to check out the first one because I gone through all of her readers. Right now I'm going through Pride and Prejudice again because it's my default. (Jane has just found out that Caroline and Mr. Darcy have convinced Mr. Bingley to go back to town. So tragic.) I need something new. That's where you come in!

What are you reading, and do you recommend it?


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    1. I added that to my list after you FB'd about it. :)

  2. I am reading Infidel, and yes, I do - a must for understanding world religion.

    And we called it GLIB: Get Lost In A Book

  3. I'm posting for two reasons - one because I've loved the last three books I read, and two, so I can selfishly get the rest of these comments and mooch of your friends' book suggestions.

    My last 3 books, are completely different from your current book, but 11/22/63 by Stephen King is fascinating,The World to Come by Dara Horn is different and interesting (maybe only because it's such a departure from my normal) and Pulitzer-prize winning Tinkers by Paul Harding is just transcendent. It's beautiful and heartbreaking and it sort of makes me feel smart for already loving the book before I knew it won the prize. =)

    1. Glad to be of service. And what interesting choices! I will have to check in to them. I've never read anything by Stephen King as I am the biggest chicken you will ever meet.

  4. I'm reading backwards, having just found your blog. I'm currently reading "Shepherding Your Child's Heart" and it is rocking my little parenting world. I'm also reading "Night Circus" for my Book Club, but I can't decide how I feel about it just yet.


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