Sunday, December 11, 2011

S. Claus Himself

This weekend was so fun and filled with Christmas activities. We determined earlier in the month that this past Friday would be the night we took Jack to see Santa at NorthPark. (NorthPark Center and the Galleria are the premier shopping locales in DFW, if you're not familiar. They are fancy.) I knew that they had a system set up to see Santa, whereby you go and get a number, then have your pic made in the order in which your number is called. (For Santa's hours, see here.)

Since I worked on Friday, I ran over to NP at lunch to shop for myself grab a number for Santa. At noon when I picked up our number, the college kid passing them out estimated that it would FIVE FORTY FIVE PM before that number was called. For us, that was fine since B wasn't meeting me at the office until that evening, but I felt bad for parents who thought they would just show up at lunch and wait in line.

He and Santa both did really well! At first, he looked at Santa like, "WHO are YOU?" Then he looked over at me like, "What is happening to me?" Then I convinced a couple of smiles from him. I was already walking to pick him up right around the time he started whimpering at the weirdness of it all.

{This is a picture of the picture, since I decided not to pay $60 for the digital copy.}

I love that little boy sooooo much!

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