Sunday, December 4, 2011

Household Happenings

Well, another weekend has come and gone, and I've tucked my baby in for the night. It's time to prepare for another week off at work in coal mines. (Not really, my office is completely above ground, and I have a lovely window view. The biggest workout my muscles will get is walking to the Ladies in heels.) I think the hardest time to be a working mother is Sunday night. How do I leave this face on Monday morning?

My handsome son, after a riveting game of peekaboo on Saturday.

Jack is in one of the sweetest stages right now. Each day he learns just a little bit more. This morning as I was talking to my senior girls in Sunday school, one of them mentioned that her mom tears up when they talk about her leaving next year for school. I related that I've been pondering Jack's growing independence quite a bit lately--that every day for the next 18 years Jack will do something a little more on his own, and at some point, he'll leave our home. (At that point they were all, "Aww, baby Jack!) And then I added, "So go easy on your mamas! They've been watching this happen slowly for 18 years!" It is such a fulfilling, beautiful, yet heartbreaking experience to watch your child grow from helplessness to self-reliance.

I love, love, love those girls, by the way.

But my baby is only 9 months right now, so I kind of need to just get a grip and enjoy his milestones. Waving bye, bye! Clapping! Baby proofing is imminent. He is all over the stuff I have on the coffee table, and for that matter, he's all over the living room. I let him tear up the junk mail we get each day to his great delight. And? Can we talk about him crying for "MAMA" when his grandmother picked him up out of his high chair at Sunday lunch?

I may or may not have thrown up my hands signaling a TD with a loud yell in the middle of the restaurant on that one. That's my boy.

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