Monday, September 8, 2014

The Very First Soccer Game of EVER

Hi! Long time no see. I have a long list of things I've been meaning to blog about, and somehow very little time to actually sit down and do it. As I currently have two napping-age children, this is a stay at home mother phenomenon that no one warned me about. I guess it's the "house is never clean" phenomenon, since we live and work there so much. This week I may start tracking my time to see what I'm actually doing during nap time. Then again, nah.

Anyway, this post is about the very first soccer game of ever for our little family that occurred this past Saturday. For months, my boy has been telling everyone he knows that he's "playing soccer in the fall." That was a great opportunity to explain to him what "the fall" was since he was just repeating what we'd told him.

So, last Saturday, the mighty Lions took the field with backordered uniforms for their first game and hopefully the ONLY one in high 90 degree weather with no shade in sight. But there were LOTS of grandparents around, I assure you.

It was awesome. We were so proud of how he hung in there, kept a great attitude considering the melting heat from the sun, and hustled. Game one and he completely exceeded my expectations. As usual.

We let him pick his after party spot, which was none other than Chick-fil-a.

Stay tuned for more soccer chronicles. Up next, soccer snactivism!

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  1. aww first soccer game!! so cute. I love the kids first sporting events, such an adorable milestone!


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