Friday, September 12, 2014

Toddler Girls on Trend for Fall

While we're on the subject of my 18-month-old little ladybug, I walked into Old Navy last week and got a little giddy over all the fall options I found for her. Boots, vests, jackets, dresses, jeggings, tunics, tops, and all of it so cute. We put together a few outfits. Me: happy hearted with the joy of retail therapy. Her: angry and vocal about it because I took her out of the stroller to try on the vest and then strapped her back in.

No amount of fruit snacks would fix that one, so we were in and out fast.

Sorry, ladybug. When you can walk around and not pull an entire display of shirts off the table, you can join the land of the stroller free.

Toddler Girls on Trend

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I find myself wishing that fur vest came in my size, because the color is fabulous. (Spoiler alert: it has a very cheap button hole, but it's good enough for the price.) And those boots! Absolute perforated perfection.

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