Thursday, September 18, 2014

What I'm Up To!

I talk a lot about the kids on here, but I often forget to include the things I'm into these days beyond shopping. Clearly I don't spend my days only shopping because if I did, I would need to find a job ASAP. Beyond the usual stay at home mom/family cruise director thing that is the majority of my time, I'm pursuing some activities I feel that God wants me to invest in outside of our home during this season.

Most of this involves ministries at our church. We stay fairly busy with high school students, especially this time of year with learning new names and new routines of our incoming seniors. We said good bye over the summer to a really great group, but we have another great one this year! By far, this keeps me feeling younger than I probably should--that and the playlists at Pure Barre loaded with top 20 music. This summer I was busy with student camp, and I plan on posting some details about that soon, because the evening extra I helped plan was so fun!

This fall marks the 3rd annual Pinterest Day held by our Ladies' Ministry, and I'm a co-chair of the event this year. I'm pumped about the classes we're offering:
  • an Annie Sloan Chalk paint demo class (each participant brings a small furniture piece to transform)
  • a beaded tassel necklace class (you know, the tassel necklaces you see everywhere right now!)
  • a make-ahead meals class (stocking your freezer for a month)
  • a Christmas wreath
  • a Christmas garland (for moms and their young daughters to make together)
  • a birthday wreath
  • and about 4 others that I could go on and on about
Each lady picks one craft to make, and it's only $15. Such a bargain and a fun morning on top of it.

My craft from last year

This Tuesday also started up fall Bible studies for the fall semester. The church provides childcare, and brother is already in school that day, so it's a good couple of hours for me to be me for a bit. We're studying Beth Moore's Children of the Day. I never start a new Beth Moore study without thinking of my college friends and the amazing first study of hers we ever did on the life of David. I'm so thankful God placed them in my life to sharpen and encourage me during that very formative time.
Speaking of that, I should probably get on my Bible study homework.


  1. The craft night sounds like such a wonderful idea! I hope it goes well - can't wait to read about it.

  2. I'm on our Ladies Ministry Team. Thanks so much for these awesome ideas! I'll be sharing them next week when we meet!


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