Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kendra Scott Takes Cowtown

Moms all over Cowtown were clutching their pearls last year when we heard the best located Barnes and Noble for story time and a lunch date was closing. Then, to add insult to injury, they closed the yogurt place to move Starbucks. Can you even imagine the first world outrage?

Rumors began circulating about who the new tenant would be and finally it was made official when Kendra Scott announced on their social media channels they would be opening their newest store right smack-dab where B&N used to be. I quickly decided I could find another story time if it means shopping fellow Texan Kendra Scott's jewels right here in town.

So two weeks ago I had a blast popping by the Kendra Scott grand opening with my friend and PB instructor, Alexandra. We both agreed Kendra was so gorgeous and friendly as she graciously greeted each person who approached her (in the high, late summer heat). It was such a fun party! With the store decked out in KS signature yellow and the shop girls outfitted in yellow dresses with turquoise KS jewelry, it was probably the happiest store I've ever been in.

(That's saying a lot because I spend quite a bit of time in the Disney Store with these preschoolers of mine.)

While we were there, we also met Sam, of Style of Sam, a local fashion blogger who I had learned of when she was featured on Fort Worth Moms Blog. Such a great night of shopping and fun. I've been back a couple of times already, and Annabelle has already had her first Kendra Scott store experience.

She actually cried when we left. That's my girl.


  1. omg! Love Kendra Scott! I'd definitely say that's a step up from Barnes & Noble! :)

    Also, I've heard similar reviews of Love Does. I found it for $1 at Mardel a few months back and felt like that was a small price to pay for a questionable book. The book about church family came with a big recommendation from my husband. He and the other ministers on staff at our church just read it together and felt it was very informative... he then passed it along to me. We'll see!

    Last thing: I was not at Metro back in April... at least, not that I can remember! haha!

  2. Your night at the newest Kendra store sounds fun! Those stores are so colorful and happy... and the gorgeous jewels don't hurt one bit.


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