Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Shopping: Lands' End Friends & Family 2014

I was thumbing through a stack of catalogs that hadn't made it into the recycle bin yet and came across Lands' End for fall. I mentioned it back during swim season, but I've been loving what Lands' End has produced over the past year. High quality and with the perfect amount of trend in classic silhouettes.

The Lands' End Friends and Family sale is under way right now with 25% off, so it's a perfect time to add some new fall pieces to the closet.

Lands' End Fall 2014

Clockwise from top left:
Textured Top | Print Sweater | Boiled Wool Jacket | Basketweave Wool Toggle Coat
Large Canvas Tote
| Harris Suede Booties | Fit 2 Midrise Jeans

Sweaters: I'm planning on swinging through my local Sears to see if the Lands' End store there has these. I think I would wear them a bunch but want to see them in person.

Coats: I love the boiled wool jacket. So many colors! It's lightweight, but probably good for the majority of the Texas winter. If you check reviews on the beautiful pink basketweave coat, sadly, you'll see that the button detail seems a little cheap, but doesn't it look pretty from here?

Booties: They have great reviews and look similar to other much more expensive brands for the fall.

Jeans: I actually tried these on about a month ago and loved them. I didn't love them enough to buy them when it was 102 degrees. However, now that it's getting cooler, they are a great weight with just enough stretch to help a sister out, but not enough that they will bag out on you, if you know what I mean. The whiskering is done well, and at 25% off, that is a great price for good denim.

Canvas tote: I'm already Christmas shopping, so catching this at 25% is fab! The large is the perfect size for travel. I've used one as my carry on for years. No matter what you shove in there, it doesn't tip over, and it has lots of pockets.

This post is not sponsored, but there are affiliate links. It's just me over here shopping!

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