Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summertime = Swim Time

For the past three summers, I've been shimmying into a black one piece swimsuit that could accommodate about a 30-40 lb weight difference. I am truly impressed with that incredibly boring swimsuit and how it worked to make my twice post-baby body look as okay as possible with what it had to work with. It was worth the investment.

But this summer of 2014 is a new summer, and I was ready to go swimsuit shopping. (Thank you, Pure Barre.) It's inevitable that I'll be chasing my kids around water features, so I might as well do it in something that I like rather than my dutiful plain old black shirred one that served me so well.

One day on a regular trip to the recycling bin to throw out the numerous catalogs I receive in the mail, I was struck by a swimsuit on the front of Lands' End. The stripes paired with polka dots was just my style and immediately I knew what I wanted for this summer. Our local Sears carries the Lands' End line, so I popped in to try on and was impressed with the tankini tops. They have underwire and are just really well made for holding it all in. This is so nice especially if you're running around with children.

Or likely holding them while they pull on your swim top. You feel me?

I purchased this top and these bottoms. In my lifetime, I will probably not strike any pose nearly as cute as this woman, and especially not in a swimsuit.

While I was in there I also tried on these rash guards which claim to provide UPF 50 sun protection. I'm ALL over covering up these days because I have a family history of melanoma. The sun shirts are so, so, SO cute on and made of swim material so they can get wet and will dry quickly. I sized down. I liked the pink stripes too, but the sleeves are two different pink stripes, and I like symmetry.

Multi-stripe Crew Neck Swim Tee
Tie-dye Crew Neck Swim Tee

At the risk of sounding like a grandmother, I think there are some really cute things in the Lands' End line for this summer for so many different ages and stages of life. Cute bikinis, much more modest options of swim dresses and higher waisted bottoms abound. Go check it out!

This was not sponsored by Lands' End--I just wanted to pass along the find. There are affiliate links in this post.


  1. I love, love, love the bathing suit that you chose. If I wasn't trying to half-marathon my way down 20 pounds, I would've bought the same one! Maybe next summer...

    1. Thank you! You’ll get there, lady. And running will certainly do it! That’s awesome!

  2. I looove that bathing suit! Hm, I might have to stop by Sears sometime and see if it is there. I get the Lands End catalog but I rarely actually look through it!

    1. On the Lands’ End website, you can look up to see if the Sears near you has an LE shop inside!

  3. I was just looking for swimsuits online this afternoon. I hadn't thought about Lands End. Thanks for the tip!!! I have very fair, red head skin, so I am all about the rash guards. I have two from Athleta that I bought years ago that I still wear.


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