Wednesday, June 18, 2014

MELT Ice Creams in Fort Worth, Texas

Last weekend we tried out the new boutique ice cream shop here in Fort Worth, called MELT. The ice cream is made in house, and they "[strive to use] the best local and seasonal produce as possible!"

We tried their two standard flavors, Beans (vanilla) and Chocolate Chocolate, as well as the Avoca Mocha, which obviously was coffee flavored using coffee from Avoca just around the corner. The chocolate was made with chunks of Dude Sweet Chocolate, an artisan chocolate shop here in Fort Worth we'd never heard about.

I think Beans was my favorite of the 3 we had, although all 3 were great. I loved that it introduced us to another Fort Worth business (Dude Sweet Chocolate) that we'll be trying out very soon. The bright yellow decor was just an extension of the happiness that ice cream brings! We'll definitely be there again, and next time I will try one of their homemade waffle cones. They smelled amazing.

Find them on Rosedale, and enjoy!

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  1. We have attempted to go three times when they were closed. Definitely on our summer to-do list! I've been following the owner since her photography days, so I can't wait to try this too!


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