Friday, August 15, 2014

Weekend Pre-Party

We kicked off our weekend this morning with a trip to the donut shop. Probably some of my hesitation at wearing a running skirt is the fact that I will drive completely out of my way to go to a donut shop with a drive-thru. I don't understand why my part of town has only donut shops that you have to walk in to for a decent donut. Should someone with that kind of lazy commitment to donuts really be wearing a running skirt?

(Answer: that person should definitely put one on, then go run in it.)

Nonetheless, we found ourselves some sprinkle donuts and donut holes and made our way home.

Tonight kicks off the little guy's soccer season. First practice! Yes, Friday night. If you had ever told me at age 16 that I would be excited about watching little kids run rampant around an open field for fun, I probably would have looked at you like "that will never be me." But here I am, and there it is. We are probably more excited than he is.

This week my fave cooking collaboration blog The Kitchn kicked off the Kitchn Cure, which is 4 weeks of daily tasks designed to get your kitchen and pantry in shape for fall. I've been following along and am currently enjoying a sparkling clean fridge. So thanks to the Kitchn for inspiring me to take the time to really scrub it out. If you're into that sort of thing, it's a great way to divide and conquer the things you've been putting off in that particular room.

Have a great, time-is-ticking-on-summer weekend!


  1. hahaha, love your commitment to drive through donuts =) I can never remember the names of donuts so we always have to go inside.

  2. All donut shops should definitely have a drive thru - I'm convinced they would make a killing :) P.S. I bet the running skirt looks precious and is perfect for "running around town."


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