Monday, August 4, 2014

Motivated Monday

Last night I went to bed with the house a mess. That's a rarity, as we usually do some picking up family-style on Sunday evening, but last night, I was all, "meh, I'll do it tomorrow."

On the weekends I'm usually a little more lax in my tidying up, simply because I spend the entire week doing exactly that. It seems a little fruitless, but since my job is "homemaker" I feel like I'm taking a hit on my (self-scored) performance appraisal if the order of the house is less than what I want it to be. And I'd prefer the house to be within 15 minutes of company-ready, if at all possible. (Not always possible. You know, real life happens.)

When I was working, the house stayed a lot cleaner since we weren't here most of the day. Now, even if we have plans to be out and about in the mornings, we're still home at naps and usually through the rest of the evening, which leaves plenty of time to distribute every single toy we own in a location other than its home.

One of these days I will miss that, right?

Anyway, I spent most of the morning moving laundry, picking up around the small folk, and running errands. Supper's in the crockpot, and my car is even washed. It's nap time now, and I've settled down on the couch to the whoosh of the laundry room and a bag of brownie brittle. I'm a little late to the party on this, but it's amazing and only 120 cals per serving. It reminds me of the crispy edges of the brownie, if that's your bag. I'm trying to decide if I've only had one serving or if I've crossed the line into 2 (most likely). I found it on the cookie/snack aisle.

Here's to Monday's to-do's becoming done's.


  1. Monday's are always my productive days because I am a huge slacker on the weekends. Vacuum...nah I can do that later. Then Monday comes and I'm like the house is gross I must clean all the things! I've seen that brownie brittle and always wondered if it was good, but now that you mention it is like the edges...I'd have to pass! I love the soft middles the best. Yay for getting things done.

  2. We love that stuff. They have it at Cracker Barrel, too. :)


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