Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We ARE Playing Soccer!

So we are playing soccer. I'm hoping it'll be great fun for everyone, especially the three year old, and really my only expectation is that he will respect and obey the coach. If this happens, then that is a successful season to me. And, I should also say, I have no reason not to expect a successful season. Obviously as he gets older the expectations will grow. Thank you for your comments on the subject yesterday.

On the advice of a neighbor, we shopped for his gear last weekend. She mentioned that by the time she started searching for her son's shoes and shin guards last spring, everything was picked over. So off to Academy we went!

We found a great pair of inexpensive Adidas cleats in his size, and big enough to fit his soccer socks in with the shin guard stirrup or whatever that piece is called around the ankle. If necessary, we'll just swap out the laces, although I doubt the fact that they are blue will be that big of a deal.

I also ordered some great Under Armor shorts (found here) from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for practice since we mostly have khaki-type shorts. Time for the bigger kid stuff! Also, our favorite tennis shoes are only $29.90 right now during the sale. That's a bargain.

Time to get a jump on back to school shopping!

1 comment:

  1. I hope he has a great time! And I ordered the same tennis shoes last week for both boys. They go with EVERYTHING.


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