Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Growing Up, Lately

Pajama Day!

I have to confess that I went to the store and bought him four new pairs of pajamas because I couldn't decide which ones I liked best for pajama day. (Both school days were pajama days last week, so we needed two pairs.) If that doesn't say first time mom, then I don't know what. Or maybe that's just my type-a showing. Anyhow, we're good on pajamas for a while.

This evening I asked Jack to pick up his blocks, and he immediately looked up at Mr. G and said, "Hep me, Daddy!" It was one of those moments when I really considered that he is growing up before my very eyes. He's singing his ABC's, counting up a storm, and my favorite is still when he asks for something and says, "Peeeeeez, Mama!" It melts my heart.

These are sweet days. I love this boy.

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