Thursday, January 3, 2013

32 Weeks

It has been a wonderful and relaxing week. Vacation does that, if you'll let it.

For the first time in a very, very long time, I sat around and watched TV for two days straight. It was just what I needed: a good break before going into these last, most tiring days of pregnancy.

While I sat around, Mr. G did not. I finally found that perfect silvery grey I was talking about. It's Silverpointe by Sherwin Williams, and we now have a room covered beautifully in it. Her bed is assembled, and her bedding is on. (I at least did that part.) I've ordered the headboard for the queen bed that will one day be her big girl bed, and her dresser should be here by Friday. I was getting all itchy about not having a place to put away her folded clothes, but that feeling is starting to wane, knowing a delivery date for the dresser.

Wednesday I finally made it by to order her baby book with rush delivery. Both our wedding book and Jack's baby book were made by Jan Sevadjian Designs, and I honestly couldn't imagine not having Annabelle's by them. It usually takes a month or so to process, so I paid up to have it here since I need/want it by the 19th. (Available for order through Paper Affair on Lovers Lane in Dallas, one of my favorite places.)

All that is left is some wall art, frames, and recovering a chair I bought 5 years ago that I've been holding on to for just the right spot in my house, and her room will mostly be done. Then I'll move on to Drefting her pajamas and blankets! I've really crossed a lot of things off off my to-do list this week, thanks to my super husband.

I've started thinking about packing my bag this week too. I have quite a few irons in the fire between now and Annabelle's birthday, so I want to have my L&D and post-partum needs covered a little along the way. Surrounding myself with things like my favorite bath and hair products, and cute and comfy loungewear goes a long way in ministering to me. It deludes me into thinking I'll be a little put together, despite the fact that I will probably be swollen up like a watermelon, post-partum.

This afternoon I had a doctor appointment, and she confirmed what I've been telling people who ask how I'm doing: "I'm great--just getting bigger by the minute." Annabelle is head down already and quickly running out of space. She kicked and kicked against the doc as she felt around to check her position. We both appear healthy, and our next visit is a short two weeks away!


  1. So glad y'all are both doing great! It's so crazy how quickly the weeks go. That's so wonderful that you have her nursery mostly done. I feel like I just stand and turn in circles. I have no clue where to start! Eeek!!

    1. You will get there! Preparing for two babies at once takes a lot!!!


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