Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Day

Before I get started on Christmas Day, I have this one other pic from the 24th after we opened presents. We got Jack a 100 piece set of blocks which I think are his favorite gift of the year. This really captures how he feels about them. Almost every day since then, his first word of the morning (after mama) has been "bocks!" Who knew?

Certainly not the genius who ordered her child one hundred blocks for Christmas, which do not stay corralled in the same area.

He loves them. (I have to repeat this to myself.)

As I mentioned in my Christmas Eve post, we spent the night in our own beds before rising to see that Santa had visited us.

Santa must've read my mind because we were both all over the Melissa & Doug toys this year. He brought an M&D train set that Jack has had a ton of fun with, among other things.

We drove to Corsicana as soon as we were dressed for turkey and dressing at my Grannie and Pop's. In fact, both my grandmothers were there, as my Memaw spent Christmas with us too. Jack really cleaned up - everyone was so generous!
My mother couldn't resist these Carhartt overalls for him. Such a little man.

I think that is the only picture I took the rest of the day. Sad! While we were down there, it snowed in Fort Worth such that when we got home Wednesday evening, there was still quite a bit in our backyard. So we actually had a white Christmas!

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